Five Rise Nursing Home strives to ensure that every resident and their families are fully informed about the home’s various procedures and regulations. We are always available to offer any advice and assistance and are committed to accommodating any unique needs you may have. Read more about our admissions policies and fees, as well as our FAQs here. If there is any other specific information you would like about the home, please get in touch with us at, and we will do our best to assist you.

Admission Procedure

At Five Rise Nursing Home, we take great care to ensure we meet the individual needs of every resident admitted to our care home. Our experienced staff are committed to delivering an excellent standard of care in every service we provide, ensuring you and your family’s complete satisfaction. To find out more about our admissions procedure, contact us today, and a member of our team will get back to you.

Prior to Admission

When searching for an appropriate nursing home, it is important to do comprehensive research and gather all the information you need to make an informed decision. An essential part of this research includes visiting the homes you and your loved ones are interested in to ensure everyone is comfortable and satisfied with the facilities and level of care.

At Five Rise Nursing Home, we request that residents interested in moving in with us arrange a visit with their families to see what the home and its facilities have to offer and to meet the managerial and care staff. If the resident is not able to choose or visit the home themselves, we request that all immediate family members view the home to ensure they are satisfied before entrusting their loved one to our care.

Once we have received a clear indication that someone wishes to move to Five Rise Nursing Home, we will conduct a pre-admission assessment at the resident’s current location, whether this is at home, in hospital, or at another care home. This assessment is completed by our manager or deputy manager to ensure that we can meet the immediate care needs of every individual once they move to Five Rise Nursing Home.

Upon Admission

The day a new resident arrives at Five Rise Nursing Home is always planned in advance. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by a senior care assistant, or another designated staff member responsible for the admission and discharge of residents. You will be offered a cup of tea or coffee, which you are free to take in one of our lounges or your bedroom.

Family members will then usually meet with the manager, deputy manager, or the nurse in charge in one of our offices or the resident’s bedroom to go through the formal aspects of admission. A care assistant will then help unpack all the resident’s belongings, and complete an inventory list, which will be kept in the resident’s care file.

We request that all items of clothing are properly labelled before admission. It is also our policy to ensure each label is correctly named using safe and secure Attach a Tag labels, which are stored and attached to clothing by our laundry team. These labels are purchased by the home before admission, and the charges are added to the resident’s monthly bill.

Any medication will also be collected by our manager or nurse in charge upon admission and will be stored in our secure facilities. Medication is dispensed and recorded at the times indicated on the labels by our highly qualified nurses on duty. Five Rise Nursing Home also takes full responsibility for all repeat prescriptions and medication reviews.

Emergency Admission

We can arrange for an emergency admission provided the person or agency referring the resident can give enough information for the managers to make an informed decision regarding the home’s ability to meet the individual’s immediate care needs. If we can meet these needs, we will create an emergency agreement stipulating that the admission is for a short-term period only. Admission can only become long-term after our manager has carried out a full assessment.

Fees and Funding

Five Rise Nursing Home strives to accommodate the individual needs of every resident by providing personalised, high-quality care and support according to an excellent standard. Our fees vary across the various care services we offer and are often based on the individual needs of the resident.

In some cases, the Local Authority will contribute to the cost of a resident’s care following a financial assessment carried out by the Authority. If an individual’s assets, including cash and property, amount to less than £23,250* the Authority will contribute to the costs of the individual’s care. There are also several other funding options available to help our residents fund their care at Five Rise Nursing Home.

These options include:

  • NHS Funding: Full funding by the NHS based on an assessment of the resident’s healthcare needs.
  • Joint Local Authority and NHS Funding: Split funding between the Local Authority and the NHS if the resident has a Continuing Healthcare assessment.
  • Personal Budget: A specific amount of funds allocated by the Local Authority to support the resident’s care needs. The resident will be offered the choice of controlling the budget themselves or letting the Local Authority choose how the budget is spent.
  • Direct Payments: Residents directly receive a certain amount from the Local Authority based on their needs, and can choose how to spend the funds.
  • Funded Nursing Care: Weekly payments made by the NHS to residents requiring nursing care if they are in a home able to provide this care.
  • Self-Funding: Some residents are required to contribute to or fund their care services themselves, depending on their financial position. This funding can be done with little to no contact with the Local Authority, or where the Local Authority funds the care and the resident is required to pay top-up fees.

At Five Rise Nursing Home, we strive to accommodate the care and needs of every resident, even if your financial circumstances mean you fall outside the government financial assets threshold. Our managers will discuss the appropriate fees and payment strategy based on your unique situation with you before admission to ensure you and your family’s complete satisfaction. To find out more about how our fees are structured, get in touch with us today at

Why Five Rise Nursing Home?
Five Rise Nursing Home is situated on the outskirts of Bingley town centre and is accessible via all major local train and bus links.

With the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and the famous Five Rise Locks being in such close proximity to the home, this idyllic setting along with the highest standards of care offers our residents a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Do you employ your carers?
Yes we do, each carer is carefully selected based on their qualifications, references and an enhanced criminal records bureau check. Once this selection process has been successfully completed, a training programme is undertaken until we are completely satisfied with their character and ability. We closely monitor the level and content of training given which ensures uniformity and flexibility. It also allows us to focus on those carers who need extra or specialised training in order to provide a personalised service to our residents.
Is Five Rise Nursing Home registered with the appropriate bodies?
Yes, we are registered with The Care Quality Commission (CQC).
Who are your carers?
We have an excellent combination of staff who have been with us for many years coupled with fresh faces; all of whom are highly trained, committed and entirely focused on the needs of our residents. Training and the correct qualifications are at the heart of what we do and we are very proud to provide staff with a selection of qualifications. Our aim is to provide staff who genuinely care.
What are the bedrooms like?
The accommodation consists of single ensuite rooms tastefully furnished providing comfort and privacy. Each room has a nurse call system, music system and en-suite bathroom with special fittings and permanent lighting for safe access during the night.
When can friends and family visit?
We like to welcome visitors at all times and so there are no strict visiting hours. We have a cinema/family room for family or friends to spend time with their loved ones at the nursing home if necessary, and have found this provides residents with extra comfort during difficult times.
Are pets allowed?
We do welcome regular visits from pets, but unfortunately we do not allow pets at this time. This is out of consideration for other residents who could suffer from allergies. Small pets such as birds in residents’ rooms would be subject to agreement with the General Manager.