Life At Five Rise

Our goal at Five Rise Nursing Home is to ensure that every resident lives a happy, healthy life. To help achieve this, we implement a patient-centered approach to care, acknowledging the individual, and making sure that their needs are met. We also encourage social interaction with a range of activities, facilities and events. Five Rise pays close attention to the cultural and religious preferences of each of our residents, arranging religious celebrations and affordances wherever possible. We want Five Rise to feel comfortable, warm, and inviting to all our residents, providing an exceptional quality of life. Find out more about Life at Five Rise:

Person-Centred Care

Resident Life Histories

Contact With Family & Friends
Social Activities
Cultural Spiritual Care
Person-Centred Care
This is the very foundation of what we do, we tailor make our care and services on an individual basis. This ensures we provide the best level of care to every resident whilst giving family members peace of mind.

Every resident is a valued unique individual and by adopting a person-centred care approach it ensures we provide excellent care and meet every resident’s needs and expectations.

Person-centred care places the person, their experiences, needs, feelings and wellbeing at the centre of every care process. It is about seeing the person first, their limitations or dementia come second, therefore ensuring all care is focused on the person.

To achieve person-centred care, we focus on getting to know the individual before they arrive at their new home. We visit them and ask lots of questions about their past and present life, we take time to understand their values and beliefs and we look to gain as much information on their personal preferences as we can. Family and friends are also asked to participate so that we can build up a clear picture of how our care and services will fully support every resident.

All information gathered creates the basis of a care plan which will be in place prior to admission and allows our staff to provide the right level of support and care from the very first day.

Moving forward we continually observe and talk to our residents, we make changes to care plans when and where necessary, this ensures we maintain person-centred care at all times.

Resident Life History
Upon admission, a “This is Me” record is created, where possible we try to complete this within the first week of admission.

These records are a great way to get to know our new residents, they provoke memories and conversation, they stimulate reminiscence and provide our staff with a greater understanding of each resident’s life experience which gives our care a wider and more fulfilled perspective.

Contact With Family and Friends

It is more common now for family and friends to live further afield, which therefore makes it a bit more difficult to visit a loved one.

At Five Rise, in order to support and maintain contact, we have an interactive computer in our lounges which allows residents access to the internet. This enables you to keep in touch through Skype, email or social media sites both easily and cost-effectively.
In addition to this we support families keeping in touch by maintaining up to date contact details for family members so that we can invite them along to any events we hold at Five Rise Nursing Home.

Social Activities
Together with our daily activities, we do love to hold celebrations at Five Rise and we actively invite and encourage family and friends to join us!

We also run regular external trips for our residents and are delighted when their family and friends come along too.

Cultural Spiritual Care
Cultural and Spiritual care is considered vital to the wellbeing of all our residents. We respect that every individual in our home has the right for their cultural and spiritual needs to be met at all times.

Our residents are encouraged and supported to follow their religion of choice. We arrange for representatives from some of the more common religions to visit us and are happy to assist by arranging other religion representative visits upon request.

Each resident is within their rights to continue attending their preferred place of worship whilst they are still physically able, through the support of their family and friends.

All spiritual and cultural preferences are noted in individual care plans and observance of or any ritual which is required pre or post death is assured.