Customer Testimonials
Linda B – Daughter of Barbara
I write to thank you for the care our mother received during her stay at Five Rise Nursing Home. Our entire family appreciated the respect and dignity shown to mum at all times. Although mum had previously spent virtually 3 months in bed in hospital, it was most pleasing to see that she was dressed each day and taken to join the other residents to sit in the lounge for at least part of the day. There were always members of staff available who responded quickly to any needs.
Although mum was unable to make use of some of the facilities we felt the nursing home provided a safe, very clean and friendly environment.
Five Rise Nursing Home is very well managed and all staff were always willing to help.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Five Rise Nursing Home to others.
Gary F – Brother of Mark
My brother Mark, aged 65, came to live at Five Rise in May 2019.
Mark has dementia, eating disorders and other physical and mental issues. Mark was 6.5 stone in weight and in a poor way when he arrived at Five Rise. 6 months later with the care of all at Five Rise he is over 8 stone in weight, laughing and smiling again. We believe Five Rise are doing a great job with Mark and they have made a major contribution in extending his life.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Five Rise Nursing Home to anyone who needs caring for.
Gary F – Son of Muriel
Our mother, Muriel (age 91) moved into Five Rise Nursing Home on 12th March 2019. Her husband who was her carer (our step-father) was not well and could no longer offer the care and support that he had provided Muriel for several years. Mum suffered from dementia so a major change needed to take place.
On arrival at Five Rise her room was clean and had all the facilities you would expect. We all as a family were very nervous about how mum would settle into her new home.
Mum settled in rather well and quite quickly, we believe this was mainly down to the kindness and support of what is a “great team.” Operating in such an environment it is a true team effort and the management, nursing staff, carers, cleaning, catering and maintenance all listen and respond to anything which needs taking care of.
Four good meals a day, entertainment, laundry service, hairdresser, trips out, what more could you ask for?
Mum made new friends with other residents and all was going well, however, sadly mum was taken ill and passed away on 17th November 2019.
Five Rise management gave us the option of hospitalisation or caring for mum in her final stages of life within Five Rise. We opted for mum to stay at home in Five Rise to the end, in the place which was familiar to her, with people who knew her and cared for her with dignity and respect.
The whole team did their best for mum and we couldn’t have wished for any more during her final days.
Paul & Jackie H – Family of Jean
We would like to thank you for your amazing care and devotion shown to Jean while she was in your care. We cannot praise Five Rise high enough and we are comforted to know that Jean’s final hours were with such kind and loving people.
Ian S – Son of Rosalind
Very grateful to the Five Rise Team for their care and patience with mum. Mum has improved so much since being at Five Rise and knowing that she is being looked after properly in a wonderful purpose built property is a huge relief.
Denise M – Daughter of Iris
After a bad fall where my mother broke a bone her dementia suddenly got worse which led to my mother needing 24 hour care. We were shown around Five Rise Nursing Home and we realised straight away that it would be the best place to care for her. Damien the manager, and all the staff were lovely and always made it a pleasure to visit, they always made time to chat and update us on mum’s progress.
I know my mum was happy and well looked after.
At the end myself and my two daughters stayed with mum for the last 24 hours of her life and we were looked after, we were fed, watered and were even given a spare room for the night to nap and shower if we needed.
The staff were amazing, supportive and made sure my mum passed peacefully. We will be forever grateful. Thank you.
Richard, David and Yvonne – Children of Dorothy
We were very pleased to be able to move our mother into Five Rise Nursing Home in January 2019.
We first looked around Five Rise as we felt our mother needed more specialist care than that she was already receiving.
From initial contact with the management team, we felt that this was the ideal environment that would offer both stimulation and the relaxing atmosphere required for our mother.
Since moving our mother in, we have ourselves been provided with excellent support and encouragement from staff and management alike.
Management are approachable, willing to listen and act promptly on any concerns.
Residents are treated with respect and are cared for in a very dignified, professional manner.
Support for relatives is also provided by Five Rise Nursing Home. We recently attended the first Relatives Meeting where we were able to engage with management as they outlined their ongoing plans.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Five Rise Nursing Home to anyone looking for a safe, respectful and caring facility for their relatives.
Mike P – Son of Joyce
Although my mother was only resident at Five Rise Nursing Home for a short 3 months and 2 days, she enjoyed being one of the first to arrive in the home (number 4). My mother made new friendships very quickly, not just with residents but also with the staff. My mother previously wished vehemently to maintain independent living however she had come to realise that this was no longer possible.
She adapted to Five Rise, the surroundings and environment remarkably well and joined in the many varied planned activities during the day.
During her time at Five Rise she was pleased to donate some of her personal belongings, books to start the library, glasses for the bar and crockery for tea parties. She also played a starring role in the “One Show” television program report on the home, the staff and the Holt family.
We cannot thank the staff enough for the care, thoughtfulness and support they showed Joyce which made her stay comfortable and the banter cheerful. The staff were not only kind and caring but remembered the little things like brown bread not white, and small portions.
My mothers last few days were made comfortable, as pain free as possible and the staff attending her maintained her dignity at all times.
Finally, Jackie and I would like to say that we were always made welcome to visit at any time, we were able to join in with the events and share meals. In addition we were fully informed about my mothers state of health and given support, including emotional support which made the inevitable outcome much easier to bare.
Janet C – Daughter of Annie
Five Rise Nursing Home is a treasure to our town of Bingley and it’s surrounding areas. They have come to care for our loved ones, to love, support, encourage and reassure them in their latter years.
Those of our older loved ones have sown so much into the lives of their families and the community, they have upheld and supported our town with their very lives.
Our elderly deserve our very best care, attention and they deserve to be honoured, respected and treated with dignity for their many sacrifices made for the past, present and future generations to come.
Five Rise Nursing Home, it’s owners, management and staff are such who give their residents care, love, support, reassurance and encouragement which they so dearly deserve.
The owners have left no stone unturned and have not taken any short cuts in order to provide a safe, homely, loving, caring and supportive environment, by providing everything anyone could need or require to live out their days in a stimulating and beautiful home.
The bedrooms are lovely, warm and comfortable with quality furnishings and every room has a light and airy ensuite WC.
The lounge and dining areas are large, spacious and welcoming, with care staff always on hand to provide reassurance and support to the residents when needed.
My own Mother, who is 98 years of age, has just moved into Five Rise Nursing Home since it’s opening and she has settled in well. It is an absolute pleasure to see her joining in with the daily and varied activities, which stimulate both mind and body and help the residents to feel part of this very special community.
I would highly recommend this delightful and efficient family run nursing home to anyone who needs help and support for their loved ones, Five Rise Nursing Home enables them to live purposeful lives with quality, respect and dignity.
I give many thanks to the owners of this wonderful facility and thank them for their trust in choosing Bingley for its location.