Care Services

We offer Residential, Nursing and Specialist Dementia care services. If a resident’s care requirements should change, we can alter and continue to provide care for them, this ensures continuity and stability for the resident within the same environment. We feel it is very important for every resident to feel at home and to be able to remain in familiar and comfortable surroundings with their friends.

Residential Care

We pride ourselves on creating a safe, supportive environment to help every resident maintain their independence.

Nursing Care

Thanks to our team of registered nurses, we offer expert assistance to residents with a range of special health requirements.

Special Dementia Care

With an in-depth understanding of dementia, our staff specialises in providing compassionate care services.

Residential Care.

Our staff and care aim’s focus on allowing all our residents to maintain their own lifestyle choices, whilst enjoying stimulated and fulfilled lives. We strive to create a safe ‘Home Away from Home’ environment whilst encouraging and supporting every resident to live as independently as possible.

Five Rise Nursing Home provides an exceptional standard of living in a safe and vibrant community, where an array of activities is on offer to promote and maintain good health and wellbeing.

Nursing Care .
A family oriented and highly skilled team who can support and deliver exceptional, and the most appropriate care for every resident. Our qualified and experienced staff have the skills to be able to support and nurse all specific needs.

Individual support is in place for all residents, this includes all regular day to day requirements, providing nursing for more complex needs and includes end of life care. Our team place the welfare of every resident at the heart of everything we do and maintain true dignity and compassion throughout our home and our care delivery.

Special Dementia Care .
At Five Rise Nursing Home we truly understand the challenges and impact Dementia has on all involved; from the individual to their family and friends.

Our manager and co-owner Damien Holt is a fully Registered Mental Health Nurse who began his career over 20 years ago as a young carer.

Damien cascades from the top down his full understanding and first-hand experience of Dementia to help educate and support staff, residents and relatives alike.

Our Dementia care aims to achieve the highest possible standards. It is upheld by our specifically trained team and by ensuring we keep up to date and implement all new regulations and guidelines.

We have focused on creating a safe, stimulating and homely environment for all our residents to make certain that their individual needs are met whilst maintaining a full quality of life through stimulating and fun activities.

Each and every resident is individual and those living with Dementia are unique, therefore we tailor their care to ensure all their needs are met.
Our aim is to minimise anxiety for all concerned by promoting the health and well-being of every resident, by providing a peaceful and secure environment for them to maximise their independence.

End of Life Care .
Our specially trained nursing staff will be on hand to manage symptoms and provide psychological, social and spiritual support during this difficult time. Compassion and care is at the forefront of everything we do and everyone is treated with respect and dignity throughout their time with us.
Supporting Families
At Five Rise Nursing Home we fully understand the worries families face when a loved one is living with Dementia or are no longer able to continue living independently. Addressing these situations is difficult and challenging, therefore we endeavour to fully support all involved to ensure a smooth and happy transition.